Rob Agnew - Manor Windsor Realty Ltd.


How long will it take to sell/find my house?
This is the million dollar question, it is a dynamic process which can be estimated based on some sound research into comparables, and property history and also depends on other factors such as: location, timing, terms offering, competition and of course, price. However, with the help of my services, we will be able to give you an educated estimate and of course our primary goal is to satisfy your real estate needs.

What do I pay upon closing and how much does it cost?
The home buyer must pay Legal Fees, disbursements the lawyer has to pay to do the required searches and inquiries, G.S.T. (if applicable), land transfer tax, title insurance, etc. The legal fees vary from area to area and the type of property being purchased.

What things should I know before I sign an Offer To Purchase?
An offer to purchase is a contract that is binding on both the vendor and the buyer. Seeing a lawyer before you sing that offer can help avoid difficulties later on and ensures you that your best interests are protected. Ex-escape clauses, request a warranty that all by-laws, etc are conforming, request surveys, request the deposit is placed in an interest-bearing account, etc.
Lawyers also provide you with information regarding closing costs over and above the purchase price, including but not limited to: land transfer tax, registration fees, search fees, legal fees, prepaid utility and tax bills, etc.

What happens after "The Vendor" has accepted my offer?
The lawyers work now begins, he/she will ask many specific questions about the property and will complete legal inquiries, searches, fact-checking to ensure that upon closing, you truly own the home and will be allowed to occupy it. Lawyers also provide advice on mortgages and its terms, different types of ownership (joint tenants, tenants-in-common), and explain the purpose of all the necessary documents you are required to endorse.

Why should a lawyer assure you Good Title?
Another important task of a lawyer will be to ensure that you have good title to the property that you are buying. This ensures that you really own the property and that it is correctly described in all official documents and properly registered and that no claims or liens are present.